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Unable to Make Remote OPC DA Connections to the Server

Users are unable to make remote OPC DA connections to the server.

KEPServerEX administrators must configure Windows security (including DCOM authentication) in order for remote OPC DA connections to the server to be successful. For information on configuring Windows to permit remote OPC DA connections, refer to the attached document "Remote OPC DA Quick Start Guide".

Note: If the OPC DA client is running as a non-administrative user, KEPServerEX administrators may need to add it to the list of approved users under OPC Enum's Launch and Activation Permissions. For more information, refer to the instructions below.

Log in as an administrative user on the client machine.
Next, launch Component Services by clicking Start | Run | DCOMCNFG.
In the left-hand window pane, expand Component Services | Computers | My Computer | DCOM Config.
Locate and right-click on the OpcEnum entry in the list. Then, right-click and select Properties.
Select the Security tab and locate Launch and Activation Permissions. Ensure that Customize is selected and then click Edit.
Add the restricted user to the permissions list, allowing the user full access.
Next, click OK. Then, click OK again to close the OpcEnum Properties window.
Restart the OpcEnum service via the Services program (located in the Administrative Tools in the Control Panel).